What will the beverage cartons of the future be like? Projects and forecasts

The beverage sector also needs to renew its packaging to meet the greatest needs in terms of sustainability and recycling. In detail, among the solutions that can make the market evolve in this direction, we find beverage cartons. The latter represent a packaging solution that combines several factors that determine its sustainability, including easy recyclability […]

Ecommerce business – A new era for packaging

It has been exactly two years since the Alliance and its members were FFP certified . A lot has changed in that time. More than a year on from the start of the pandemic, there has been a seismic shift in ecommerce packaging that no-one could have predicted. Here, we will look at the key […]

Packaging protagonista del commercio elettronico

Il packaging ha acquisito negli ultimi mesi un’importanza crescente in corrispondenza dell’incremento dei consumi derivati dall’acquisto di beni online. La recente epidemia di Covid-19 ha avvicinato anche i più scettici, dando un impulso agli acquisti tramite le piattaforme digitali. Moda, cosmesi e alimentari, ma anche attrezzature sportive e prodotti di intrattenimento sono stati acquistati online […]

Cosmetics and sustainable packaging: a growing trend

Consumers’ purchasing choices increasingly seem to be influenced by packaging, especially when it comes to products with sustainable packaging. The confirmation comes from the research conducted by Nomisma, entitled “Packaging speaks green”. It has been dedicated a forum and its results. Consumer awareness and the sensitivity for green issues are nowadays a fact that must […]

Ecogrip Delivers the sustainable multi-packaging of bottles

Ecogrip Delivers the sustainable multi-packaging of bottles. 100% recyclable corrugate Sustainable alternative to single-use plastic Complete solution for bottle multi-packs Blue Box Partners, the pan-European Alliance of suppliers for corrugated board packaging solutions, has launched ECOGRIP, a corrugated alternative to shrink wrap for the multi-packing of a wide range of bottles that builds on the […]

Luxury packaging: the forecasts of the future market

Packaging for the luxury segment is built and designed to convey brand values ​​by focusing on elegance and innovation. Nowadays, a new sensitivity regarding pollution and waste production, as well as the changed purchasing habits of consumers and the greater use of online stores, have given the sector new stimuli, offering the possibility for designers […]

Sustainable packaging – ECOGRIP the corrugated alternative to plastic shrink wrap

Sustainable packaging – a major concern Research has shown retailers and consumers are now demanding more sustainable packaging solutions when they make purchase decisions. Moreover, the EU’s single-use plastic (SUP) Directive, which came into force on 3rd July 2019, aims to reduce the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. This has caused large […]

Packaging and Recycling: between perspective and reality

One of the “hottest” topics of the last period is certainly that concerning the prospects of recycling and recovery of packaging. If at first the COVID-19 pandemic had beneficial effects on the environment, over time this result could easily be compromised by the production of new non-recyclable waste: we are obviously talking about disposable masks […]

Recycling and civil society: which are the most effective awareness raising strategies

Environmental issues and those concerning recycling have recently returned to the fore, especially following the recent Coronavirus pandemic. According to the opinion of many geologists, including Mario Tozzi, zoonoses are the consequence of a type of exploitation of resources that damages biodiversity through the destruction of ecosystems. In this sense, the greater frequency of contact […]

End of waste Paper and Cardboard: how waste becomes resources

Environment Italian Minister Sergio Costa has signed the regulation that marks the End of Waste regarding the life cycle of paper and cardboard. The minister himself stated that “the End of Waste is an indispensable element for enhancing the potential of waste and can make a strong contribution to developing the potential of the recycling […]