How to renew your corporate image: because (only) packaging is no longer enough

How to renew your corporate image: because (only) packaging is no longer enough
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Redefining your corporate image can help give loyal customers a new experience, which can also be compatible with reaching new niches of public.

Nowadays, sustainability policies are fundamental, as consumers are more attentive to issues concerning the production chains and the aspects concerning the packaging of the item they purchase.

Is it sustainable? Is it easily recyclable? Is it reusable? These are some of the questions the user asks himself when faced with packaging. Let’s see some examples that have made it possible to redefine the corporate image through experiences focused on sustainability.

Sustainability as a communication strategy

Presenting itself as a company that favors sustainable processes certainly helps to build a more ethical image and at the same time responsible for working conditions. In fact, sustainability does not only mean limiting environmental impacts, but also having a positive impact with one’s business on the social communities involved in the production process.

Sustainability has now become central to corporate communication. There are more and more cases of brands, such as in the rice supply chain, which reinvent packaging starting from waste. Other companies, on the other hand, work to reduce the use of plastic, such as for example in delivery.

Circular economy and sustainability: protagonists at the Milano Marketing Festival 2021

The themes of the circular economy and corporate sustainability were the main concepts of the opening works of the third day of the Milan Marketing Festival 2021, an event organized by Class Editori, visible on ClassCnbc and on official channels.

During the event, the players in the sector, from food companies to cosmetic product production companies and representatives of companies specialized in the production of packaging, told about their experience regarding the impact of the sustainability choices made. on sales and customer perception.

In this sense we can mention Emanuele Preve, managing director of Riso Gallo, who told of how the company started from the selection of the raw material coming exclusively from certified agriculture, and how the next step was working on the packaging through the reduction of impact of the packaging starting from the cardboard up to the recycled plastic necessary for the creation of the vacuum packaging.

This process proved the company right, which saw a positive response from the market.

Consumer and packaging: the levers that can promote the purchase.

The vision of the packaging, the tactile experience and the deepening through the reading of the label are crucial moments in the purchasing process.

Why is a product discarded? Probably because the buyer did not recognize himself in the values ​​of the brand, which is represented at that moment by the packaging itself.

A wrong product dress can decree a failure in sales, because it does not reflect the new ideals and new characteristics of the modern consumer: more informed, more attentive and more aware of the entire path that leads a product from the shelf to the online showcase.

For companies operating with a real production sustainability project, it is also necessary to defend themselves from competitors who boast a purely formal adherence to the ethical principles of the circular economy.

Company policies communicated through its official channels must necessarily be followed by consistent action. In this sense, not only recyclable packaging is enough, but it is necessary that the raw material used has been, in turn, completely or in part, recovered, and that the production phases impact as little as possible in terms of polluting emissions.

It is necessary to have certifications that can attest to the quality of production processes, in order to obtain greater credit towards consumers. Policies regarding personnel management must be respectful of the dignity of the worker. We need to promote activities and messages aimed at raising consumer awareness. In this sense, all these aspects decree a sustainable approach.

CART-ONE is engaged at the forefront in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging for companies and e-commerce. We have activated production cycles that reduce the environmental impact and only use certified raw materials from responsibly managed natural resources, as well as having implemented a recovery policy for processing waste so that nothing is wasted.

For personalized advice, contact CART-ONE and find out how to make the packaging for your product in a sustainable and ecological way.

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