Die Cutting

Die-cuttings represent the best solution when you want to enhance the product contained inside. Functional and versatile, they are mainly intended for the packaging and transport of objects and products with a particular format. They guarantee a faster assembly on the packaging lines, an accurate protection and a better aesthetic result.

Made of corrugated cardboard, die-cut boxes with hooded lids and with casket opening to contain any object with specially designed packaging in different shapes and colors.

Whatever its use, Cart-One has the perfect die-cuttings for every need.

Wrap Around

Wrap Around

The wrap around are very widespread in the beverage sector, where BCT or Resistance to lateral impacts are not required and the customers can only assemble them automatically..

Vassoio Alto in Cartone Vassoio Basso in Cartone


The trays are used in many sectors, food and not food, especially in the fruit and vegetable business, in the I and IV range, in the dairy business, in the bakery and canning sector, juices etc.

Telescopic boxes

The telescopic boxes are die-cut boxes. They can be delivered laid or folded and glued. They are very common in the flowers business.

fondo a scatto in cartone Casse con fondo a scatto

Boxes with the interlocking bottom

The boxes with the interlocking bottom, even if they have the structure of an American box, are produced as die-cut boxes, they are delivered folded and glued with a proper glue tab. The lower layers are folded inside glued. They can be assembled by the customer manually. They are preferred by the companies which don’t have automation but want to speed up the manual packing.

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