Cart-One services

Within an increasingly competitive and demanding market, we manufacture cardboard boxes for packaging that can satisfy every request and need. Whether for packaging or custom-made boxes, what we offer are products made with cutting-edge technologies to offer you efficient solutions but at the same time with attractive packaging.
The cardboard boxes we produce meet the highest company quality standards in order to guarantee maximum efficiency in terms of resistance, usability and sustainability.

Assistenza Post Vendita

Assistance post-sale

We have a solid structure allowing us to follow our customers with preparation and competence in the realization of innovative projects and products, from the generation until the implementation and the delivery.

Ricerca e Sviluppo

Research and development

Every year we invest a part of our turnover in innovation, research and development. To guarantee the better service and assistance, we are equipped with a R&D Office. Thanks to it, we create packaging solutions and innovative design, sustainable projects, real proposals of product improvement and cost reduction. We offer personalized solutions for our customers and we help them to reach their goals.

Grafica e Design

Graphic e Design

Our offices offer our customers their multi-annual experience by elaborating design packaging solutions, functional and appealing graphic meeting our customers’ needs and requirements, being valuable for the promotions and following the market trends.

Spedizioni Rapide

Fast solutions

Our plants have logistics services with optimized processes and widespread distribution. Thanks to our structures we can guarantee our customers maximum cover and flexibility. Lastly, we study palletization systems allowing us to optimize the transports and to reduce the costs.


European network

Cart-One is part of a European Alliance, Blue Box Partners, composed by family run companies producing corrugated board. The alliance is formed by about 70 plants all over Europe and productive capacity 0f 4 billion square meters of corrugated board per year. It is equipped with R&D Innovation Center where all the partner plants technicians operate in order to distinguish themselves from the competition, by the continuous information exchange about the last technologies, the design and the processes’ optimization.

Copertura Nazionale

National cover

The Cart-One plants are in a strategic position allowing our boxes to arrive everywhere! We are close to our customers’ plant and we can grant assistance and service in an efficient and continuous way.

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