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Who we are

Experience and professionalism of two companies engaged in the production of corrugated cardboard for decades have created Cart-One: the joint-venture of the companies Antonio Sada & figli and Sandra was born with the aim of providing customers throughout the national territory.

Cart-One gives the certainty of always having high quality products thanks to its cutting-edge technologies and its plants located throughout Italy!

We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure our customers high performance and high value-added products. We are equipped with modern and complete Quality Laboratories. Our staff is trained and continuously updated on quality innovations and new certification systems. We are in constant confrontation with the laboratories of our companies and our customers in order to provide high quality products and maximum service.



Innovation is not only a simple product or service’s evolutions to Cart-One. Innovating means knowing how to successfully face the challenges that the future poses, taking advantage of hidden opportunities, creating value for customers, to Cart-One. We are committed to improving our products and processes to achieve tangible social and environmental benefits for the community. We test latest-generation technologies, innovative raw materials and subsidiaries, to create the perfect packaging suitable for protecting and ensuring maximum product visibility.



And if the Earth overheats, the packaging has its share of responsibility. Because we all have to take on a bit of responsibility. For this reason, we show great sensitivity towards environmental protection policies. We have always been promoters and actuators of the circular economy, the model produces-consumes-regenerates-recovers such that our production waste becomes a reel and a new box in our factories. In the packaging universe, these actions are reflected in the use of clean and innovative technologies, eco-design understood as a packaging design which pays the utmost attention to saving raw materials and waste and continuously improving our production processes aimed at decreasing our impacts in water, air and soil.



We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Study, continuous research and the technological innovations guarantee Carte-One to be always competitive on the market and ensure our customers the maximum service and satisfaction by the realization of high quality and added value products. We can produce every type of product in corrugated board in single and double wall, even printed in 6 colors plus varnish. We are equipped with back up machinery to grant always our clients the business continuity. We can manage little lots and a big personalization due to the Digital Division.



People represent to us the most important patrimony, the main reason pushing us to do business. We believe that the training is a key tool for the development and the business competitiveness. A healthy development is possible only when a team game exists. We think that the involvement and the gratification of the resources working with us contribute to get more and more ambitious goals. For this reason, we share our business goals and we carry out strict workplace safety policy and create every day a peaceful and cooperative climate.


Certifications are the best tool to show the skills, respecting the regulations. They valorize the commitment of the organization and protect it from not qualified competitors.

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Pontecagnano (SA)BRCSA8000
Nocera (SA)
S. Polo di Torrile (PR)FSSC 22000
HPC 420
Mezzani (PR)FSSC 22000
HPC 420