Cosmetics and sustainable packaging: a growing trend

Cosmetics and sustainable packaging: a growing trend
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Consumers’ purchasing choices increasingly seem to be influenced by packaging, especially when it comes to products with sustainable packaging. The confirmation comes from the research conducted by Nomisma, entitled “Packaging speaks green”. It has been dedicated a forum and its results.

Consumer awareness and the sensitivity for green issues are nowadays a fact that must be taken into account if you want to give your products a superior appeal.

Can the perception of sustainability affect purchases?

Efforts towards a sustainability policy must be evident for the consumer: according to research, in fact, only 4% of users believe that companies make targeted choices in this sense, and the percentage drops by one point when it comes to industrial processes.

The situation in Italy shows a considerable delay on the part of companies in taking concrete actions aimed at sustainability and the creation of ecological packaging, an element that falls within the category of activities that should be consolidated and be part of the best practices adopted from any entrepreneurial reality.

46% of Italians make their choice fall on products with recyclable packaging and with a low environmental impact. This behavior mainly affects personal and household products.

The sustainable cosmetics and packaging sector

The cosmetics sector seems to be particularly involved in this revolution, made by consumers who require products with the lowest possible environmental impact, but also biodegradable, recyclable or compostable green packaging.

As is well known, the design pertaining to the beauty sphere has always also focused on packaging to increase the appeal of the product. From the color to the silhouette of the package, the packaging becomes a real trademark, the vehicle through which the product can be recognized at first sight without having to read its name.

As we have seen, the new habits and needs of consumers are also changing the Beauty sector, not only by adapting their cosmetic formulas in favor of more sustainable products, but also by transforming packaging to reduce waste.

The importance of the cosmetics sector within the national economy and the need for greater attention to packaging

The cosmetics company represents a strategic sector in the economy of our country. While on the one hand the Made in Italy make-up and creams are well known throughout the country, on the other hand the sector is also profitable in terms of exports.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the habits of using cosmetic products. After a physiological decline in sales, there was a shift in interest in certain products.

In addition, the demand for products with a natural connotation and attention to new channels have increased, for example eCommerce, which has brought new consumers closer to purchasing products.

The industry did not stand still during the pandemic; however, some plants have reconverted part of the plant for the production of sanitizing products and for the manufacture of gels.

And the advent of Covid-19 has created a new awareness in the consumer, as claimed by Clare Henningan, who holds the position of senior beauty analysts at Mintel. With the pandemic there has been an increase in requests for clean and safe products, without toxic ingredients and with a low environmental impact supply chain.

Packaging also comes into play in this scenario. The digitized generations are those grown up with ecological values ​​matured through study paths, carrying out separate collection and showing attention to the choice of products that reduce the weight of packaging in terms of waste and quantity of materials used.

The choice is oriented towards products with eco-friendly packaging, that is, which follow an ethical production cycle. This trend should also be attested in the course of 2021 hoping for a convincing recovery in consumption, as long as they are lived in a sustainable perspective.

To create customized packaging for your products, CART-ONE offers ideas and solutions with a low environmental impact, eco-sustainable and aimed at offering fully satisfactory performance for the creation of both primary and secondary packaging.

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