How to increase the circular economy and in the recycling sector

How to increase the circular economy and in the recycling sector
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The choice of sustainable solutions also concerns the supply chain engaged in the production of cardboard packaging. Based on the new goals set by Europe and government agencies, work is being done with a view to promoting a circular economy that optimizes a virtuous process based on the following principles: production, use, recycling and reuse.

In this sense, the paper and cardboard supply chain have achieved important successes. In detail, the biomaterial produced is recycled by the same sector with a circularity rate estimated at 57%, while the most virtuous companies have raised the recycling rate to 80%.

The commitment of Italian companies has meant that our country is now in third place at European level in terms of the use of paper for recycling.

Rethinking production cycles from a circular economy perspective.

We have already explored, in previous posts, the key principles of the circular economy. To achieve results, it will therefore be necessary not only to choose production solutions that favor the use of renewable energy sources, but also to rethink the spaces where production takes place that guarantees the lowest possible environmental impact.

In addition, the design of products must, according to these criteria, provide for the lowest possible dispersion of raw materials and the use of resources from responsibly managed sources as in the case of forests.

To implement these changes it will be necessary to collaborate between trade associations and supply chain consortia with banks and investors, in order to speed up access to financing and at the same time to undertake a path of technological innovation that can make the difference in terms of sustainability of production processes.

The circular economy in Italy: what are the objectives to be achieved

Important results have been achieved in our country, but certainly further steps must be taken with a view to lightening the bureaucratic framework, which would make it possible to avoid the dispersion of waste / resources in landfills.

Italy, therefore, in the next few years will have to undertake important initiatives on the theme of eco-innovation and fulfill what is mentioned in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for 2030, in particular by working on the efficiency of industries with a view to sustainability, adopting technologies and industrial processes with a positive environmental impact and promoting responsible consumption and production.

In this sense, the paper industry moves, giving life to a constant commitment and to the creation of a sustainable business, which goes from the enhancement and responsible use of raw material, to the recovery and recycling of the asset, creating a process of excellence. An example is the successes achieved in 2018, given that 4.9 million tons of cellulosic packaging were released for consumption, with a recycling rate of 81%.

The experience of CART-ONE engages in this complex framework, committed to the constant improvement of performance and the product, choosing to act personally in the circular economy landscape through the production of quality cardboard packaging, implementing a green production and management of resources.

The company has always been a promoter and implementer of the principles of the circular economy. The philosophy embraced by CART-ONE is based on the careful management of raw materials and on the optimization of the collection of production waste, so that they can be recycled and converted back into reels.

The use of clean and innovative technologies make it possible to implement a virtuous production process, which has the least possible impact on water, air and soil. The packaging design is carried out according to ecological criteria, in such a way as to save raw material without sacrificing the quality and final yield of the finished product.

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