Value Packaging

Cart-One gives the certainty of always having high quality products thanks to its cutting-edge technologies and its plants located throughout Italy!


We are one of the leading Italian companies in the corrugated cardboard sector.

Cart-One is member of Blue Box Partners and guarantees high quality standards and professionalism throughtout Europe: from design to implementation, till the delivery of our customised packaging for each customer.

360 Turnover (million of €)
854 Employees
850 Corrugated Cardboard Production Capacity (million of sqm)
7 Plants
127.100 Cart-One surface’s plants (sqm)


Cart-One companies produce and develop innovative corrugated cardboard packaging which meets the specific needs of each market sector thanks to active collaboration with customers. Cart-One guarantees a flexible and efficient service, develops optimization and eco-sustainable projects and concrete examples of costs reduction.

Innovazione Innovation

Innovation is not only a simple product or service’s evolutions to Cart-One.

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Sostenibilita Sustainability

And if the Earth overheats, the packaging has its share of responsibility.

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Tecnologia Technology

The study, the continuous research and technology innovations guarantee to be always competitive in the market.

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Persone People

People are our most important asset and the reason why we do the business.

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Our products

Our packaging starts with the production of corrugated cardboard sheets. We make sure that they have all the features required, the best performance and a responsible attention to quality.