Come la crisi energetica impatta sulla fornitura di carta e cartone

Come la crisi energetica impatta sulla fornitura di carta e cartone. Gli aumenti dei costi dovuti alla guerra tra Russia e Ucraina complicano una situazione già resa difficile dagli anni della pandemia. Assocarta, a tal proposito, rivela come sempre più stabilimenti si stiano fermando a causa della mancata copertura dei costi del gas. Una situazione […]

Convegno GIFCO 2022: i numeri del cartone ondulato in Italia nel 2021

4,5 miliardi di Euro di fatturato, una crescita del 13% e 8,3 miliardi di mq prodotti: questi i risultati relativi all’industria italiana dell’imballaggio in cartone ondulato, che sono stati annunciati nel corso del convegno annuale di Gifco, svoltosi lo scorso 13 e 14 maggio 2022 a Lecce. Cosa è emerso dal convegno annuale GIFCO 2022 […]

Innovation Academy 2022

Let’s co-design with our European Pilots during our next Innovation Academies! Who are the pilots and what is their mission? The pilots are a team of innovation’s representatives of each alliance’s member (see below for more detailed information). They define themselves as: “We are a bunch of pragmatic and entrepreneurial colleagues on a mission to […]

Rapporto Rifiuti urbani 2021: le statistiche sul riciclo degli imballaggi e i rifiuti di imballaggio

Dall’entrata in vigore il 26 settembre 2020 del decreto legislativo 3 settembre 2020, n. 116, che mette in atto le direttive comunitarie 2018/851/UE e 2018/852/UE, che fanno parte del “Pacchetto Economia Circolare” vediamo come è cambiato l’approccio ai rifiuti urbani, ma anche ai rifiuti di imballaggio. Con questo provvedimento, infatti, sono state modificate le precedenti […]

Italy is the European leader in waste recovery, recycling and circular economy

Our country is a reference at a European level for the attention shown towards the sustainability of production activities, waste recycling and the circular economy. Some key indicators for understanding the sustainability of a national economy are: the waste recycling rate, the use of secondary materials in the economy, productivity and per capita consumption of […]

Memorable unboxing experience – from “nice to have” to “must-have”

In our previous article, we described the key drivers of ecommerce packaging and the three main stakeholders in the value chains. Today, we will focus on e-consumers and how to create a memorable unboxing experience. We will first redefine where the term comes from. Then, we will identify how ecommerce packaging plays a crucial role […]

Ecogrip Delivers the sustainable multi-packaging of bottles

Ecogrip Delivers the sustainable multi-packaging of bottles. 100% recyclable corrugate Sustainable alternative to single-use plastic Complete solution for bottle multi-packs Blue Box Partners, the pan-European Alliance of suppliers for corrugated board packaging solutions, has launched ECOGRIP, a corrugated alternative to shrink wrap for the multi-packing of a wide range of bottles that builds on the […]

Recycling and civil society: which are the most effective awareness raising strategies

Environmental issues and those concerning recycling have recently returned to the fore, especially following the recent Coronavirus pandemic. According to the opinion of many geologists, including Mario Tozzi, zoonoses are the consequence of a type of exploitation of resources that damages biodiversity through the destruction of ecosystems. In this sense, the greater frequency of contact […]

Green Spacer Protective Barriers: features and benefits

Among the consequences of Coronavirus stands out the emergency of reorganizing professional environments in total safety and in full compliance with current regulations. The Green Spacer cardboard protective barriers have been specially designed to cope with this situation, with total respect for the environment. They have the same protective functions as plexiglass separators and advantageous prices.  Green Spacer Protective […]

Tailored proposals and more personalized products: this is how the Inkjet guides Sandra

Sandra (Cart-One Parma) has been producing corrugated cardboard packaging for over 60 years for customers specializing in multiple sectors.  Always distinguished by its innovative ability that leads it to adopt new sustainable and cutting edge solutions, Sandra in 2010 installed in its production area an HS corrugator with 3.35 meters width (the largest model available on the market) and in 2017 a single-pass […]