Sustainable Marketing: What does it Mean?

Sustainable Marketing: What does it Mean?
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More and more companies are changing their organizational setting in order to have a more respectful approach towards the environment. It is no coincidence, in fact, that in recent years there has been an increasing talk of “sustainable marketing”.

This new approach to the market is significant because it shows the clear willingness on the part of companies not only to create value for consumers and their partners, but also to bring benefits to the whole community through production that does not impact the environment.

Therefore, corporate sustainability is selected in several areas:

  • people: the company is committed to offer its employees working conditions that ensure their well-being and safety.
  • community: the activity is committed to produce wealth for the entire community, including through the creation of a network with local companies.
  • environment: reducing CO2 emissions to a minimum in order not to pay all the further pollution of air, water and soil, is the cardinal principle on which the concept of sustainable company is based.

The basics of sustainable marketing

Companies must offer their customers different consumption patterns. If in the past the corporate marketing operations focused on a cycle focused on the creation of a need, or on customer satisfaction through the act of consumption and the production of a waste derived from consumption itself, this perspective is now reversed precisely through theory a sustainable approach and a circular economy.

Today, companies must not only satisfy customers, but direct them towards a critical consumption that will bring benefits – in the long run – on the whole community.

In this sense, the company management system must comply with the provisions of current legislation. It must be taken into account that the sustainability criteria are not monolithic, but are listed on the basis of the technologies available to limit pollution and implement production processes; at the same time, they are also included according to social and environmental needs.

Talking about sustainable marketing, means being able to put production processes, the resources employed and the constant training of its staff under the magnifying glass.

The commitment of every business reality must focus on the production of collective, social and environmental benefits, the effects of which have an impact on the long term. These benefits must be concrete and measurable.

CART-ONE’s experience in the field of sustainability

Starting from the concepts expressed so far, the CART-ONE experience is explanatory as regards the research and implementation of a sustainable production model.

The main purpose of the activity is to combine multiple aspects including respect for the environment, the satisfaction of its partners and the creation of a quality product.

By limiting production waste and thanks to recycling, not only are high quality products obtained, but at the same time it contributes to the protection of the environment in an active way.

In addition to what has been said so far, the company operates using innovative clean technologies. In addition, the product design takes place exclusively through the design study aimed at saving raw materials and reducing waste.

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