Shipping boxes: how to choose them according to the products

Shipping boxes: how to choose them according to the products
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When you need to ship any goods, you need to get the right box and packaging. Tin, objects, fragile goods, products for Food & Beverage distribution must be properly packaged to preserve their integrity. 

During transport, in fact, the goods could be subject to compressions, vibrations (for example, those that occur in transport by road or rail), or to accidental blows during loading and unloading operations. 

To ensure that transport does not damage the content, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of box and the protections to be inserted inside, in order to improve the safety conditions during the transport and sorting of the product. 

What should the packaging box be like? Types and sizes 

The external packaging must be of quality, new and made with strong cardboard. You can choose between different types of corrugated cardboard, including American and die-cut boxes, based on the size and type of product. 

The differences between American and die-cut boxes (link) are quite clear, so before choosing a product it is required to inquire about the best options. 

In addition, the size of the box must be commensurate with the product, so that no voids or spaces are created that could cause the packaging to fold; on the contrary, one must also be careful not to load the box too much, to prevent the bottom’s collapse. 

Always on the corrugated cardboard box it is always advisable to indicate whether the product transported is fragile or not, but this does not however exempt you from obtaining a robust and well-made packaging. Inside can be placed bubble wrap, dividers and polyurethane foam sheets to further protect the goods. 

For more delicate objects, it is possible to think of modular packaging in which one box is inserted into the other for greater protection. Once our box is composed, the latter must be properly sealed with a quality adhesive tape. 

Each product has its own shipping box 

The choice of the right box also passes through the type of product to be packaged, as we have mentioned several times. 

Glass bottles and tin containers 

If our company deals (for example) with the production of wine, we will have to adopt compliant, approved packaging that must be approved by the carrier who will transport it. The bottles, in fact, must be arranged inside the box in such a way that they are fixed and isolated from the bottom and from the side walls of the box in order to cushion and minimize the impact on the product. 

To transport aluminum tins, it is necessary to create packs that are not too heavy, to avoid that they are unloaded and loaded with difficulty and that therefore they can be accidentally damaged. 

Fragile objects 

For more fragile objects a two-flute corrugated cardboard box is needed, to better maintain rigidity, especially if the boxes are superimposed. If paintings or prints are sent, the first thing to do, before inserting the object in the appropriate box, is to block the glass with insulating tape, if present. Also insert corner covers, so that the edges of the frame do not damage the box and at the same time are protected from knocks. 

Electronic items 

Even for electronic items such as PCs, mobile phones and other products already boxed, it is mistakenly believed that the original packaging is sufficient to protect the product. In fact, it is always better to insert the product in an additional packaging box, which can withstand the various loading and unloading operations, so as not to ruin the original packaging and at the same time to preserve the goods from damage. 

Furniture and furnishings 

Furniture and furnishings can be placed on pallets and duly wrapped in ad hoc films and packaging or in approved boxes. 

Paper material 

For paper products (such as books, folders, brochures, documents, etc …), CDs and vinyls and other types of products that may be affected by humidity, it may be useful to use a transparent film before depositing the product inside a punched cardboard box. The product can, at a later time, be placed in another box. 

The importance of careful packaging: final considerations 

As we have seen so far, careful packaging is essential for getting your goods to their destination intact. In summary, the first step is to get a box that is suitable for our needs and that is suitable for the automation line, or that is easy and quick to work manually. 

The box must be accompanied by the right internal packaging, so as to further cushion vibrations and blows by providing the right support and adequate protection. Finally, in the case of specific products, it is necessary to use approved packaging, internal dividers and additional protective layers to allow the transporter to carry out his work safely. 

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