How to recycle corrugated cardboard: many ideas for creative recycling

How to recycle corrugated cardboard: many ideas for creative recycling
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Corrugated cardboard is a real resource, also ideal for unleashing your imagination. This material, in fact, can form the basis for numerous DIY creations, perfect for embellishing the home with an object made with your own hands. All you need is a little corrugated cardboard, tempera or colored fabrics and glue to create many masterpieces, especially if you have children and want to complete some DIY projects to spend your time messing around happily!

Coated cardboard frames

A classic cardboard work is represented by frames, to be imaginatively decorated to contain the most important and significant moments of our life.

To make the frames you need corrugated cardboard, fabric or tempera for decoration, hot glue and scissors.

The first thing to do is cut out the perimeter, the inside of the frame and the rear part. At this point you can proceed in two ways: you can create thicknesses to be glued on the base in the corners, so as to leave a small slot in which to insert the photo; alternatively, you can glue the photo onto the base and then adhere the upper part of the frame, always using glue or double-sided tape.

At this point, all that remains is to cover the frames with colored fabrics. Proceeding with hot glue points, the fabric must adhere to the surfaces. Another system consists in using colored tempera. Before proceeding with the painting, it is recommended to apply a coat of white, especially if the cardboard is brown.

The frames can be completed with beads, buttons, or with molds always made of corrugated cardboard, to give the frame a pleasant 3D effect.

Come riciclare il cartone ondulato

Cardboard boxes

Scatole in cartone riciclato

Turn a big box into little boxes? It is easy to say: just create the shape and cut it on the cardboard, fold the margins and glue them together, then coat or paint the boxes according to your taste.

The boxes thus created can be used to store candies, sugared almonds or chocolates inside, so as to thank guests with a delicious DIY idea.

DIY baskets

Cestini fai da te con cartone riciclato

A box can also be the perfect base for creating a design container to be displayed in any corner of the house: just have some cloth for the craft or a cotton string, cloth, ribbons and hot glue.

To begin with, wrap the rope around the perimeter of the box, insert the cloth into the compartment and turn it upside down. Stop the fabric with one or more turns of rope and glue and decorate with colored ribbons or other applications.

A box: and the fantasy never stops!

Those with parenting experience are well aware that for younger children, packaging represents a real world of opportunities.

Nothing triggers more fantasy than a box! By cutting and repositioning the flaps, in fact, you can get a house, a car, or even a rocket. All that remains is to give the children the opportunity to scribble the box according to their imagination, and let the game begin!

Finally, if you have a “crafty” spirit, you could also make pretty DIY cabinets and accessories from a box! By cutting and reassembling the flaps you can get a small cabinet with cardboard shelves, or create a jewelry box for your dressing table, a book holder or an organizer for your desk.

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