American and die-cuttings: how to choose the right product according to your needs

American and die-cuttings: how to choose the right product according to your needs
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When you need to package products, it is necessary to obtain suitable packaging, which protects the contents from damage. The market offers a wide range of items, suitable both for those who carry out manual packaging and for those who use automatic packaging lines.

The first choice to make concerns the type of cardboard boxes for packaging to be preferred. According to your needs, you can choose an American box or a die-cutting.

What are American boxes?

The American boxes represent the cardboard cases of excellence and are processed with the direction flute always vertical, using a single sheet. They are sold and delivered folded and glued with a special base.

This type of box is often used when you need a resistant product that stands out for its machinability. Another peculiar feature is the fact that it is made with different opening modes. Again, you can customize the box according to your needs by developing it around the product.

For these reasons, it is possible to choose between American boxes with open top opening, with flap opening or without upper flaps. For those who do not have automatic packaging lines, generally the choice falls on the box with or without closing flaps and with an interlocking bottom, which offers the right support for the content.

Strong and with reduced dimensions and production costs, the American box is perfectly suited to the needs of those who need a functional product that does not have particular aesthetic or design characteristics.

The die-cuttings represent another type of packaging that boasts numerous variations in terms of design and possibilities, thus representing the ideal choice for those looking for a packaging that is functional and at the same time has attractive aesthetic features. Thedie-cuttings require different processing stages. However, the customization possibilities are greater; in addition, the die-cuttings can be processed either manually or through automatic lines.

 What are the die-cuttings?

Among the most common types of blanks we can include wrap around, corrugated cardboard boxes very often used for the beverage sector and for all those cases where the product is self-supporting (bottles, metal tins and aluminum cans).

Other models used in the beverage & food sector are the cardboard tray and the “plateaux”, which can have a high or low edge depending on the requests. The trays are supplied flat and are assembled directly from the customer’s packaging lines. The “plateaux” is often used to replace wooden or plastic crates in the fruit and vegetable sector or in the I and IV range; it is already assembled in specific machines and delivered to the customer. It can be used to facilitate the transport of fruit and vegetables, offering excellent basic support.

For those looking for a product that adapts perfectly to the product and that is equipped with a lid, but which does not exert strong compression at the same time, the choice may fall on telescopic boxes. This type of packaging is suitable for manual packaging lines for delicate objects that require special care.

When you need to speed up manual packaging operations, in the absence of an automation line, cardboard boxes with a snap-on bottom are recommended. Although the shape is similar to that of the American box, the box with a snap bottom is worked like a die-cut and can be made in different sizes to perfectly adapt to the content.

 Cardboard packaging: advantages and disadvantages of die-cuttings and American boxes

As we have seen so far, corrugated cardboard boxes are present in the packaging sector with a variety of models that makes them perfect for every need.

American boxes → Resistance and low production costs VS. standardized design

Die-cut boxes → Variety of types of packaging VS. more expensive equipment, sometimes multiple production steps

In summary, here are the advantages and disadvantages of American boxes and die-cuttings:

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